Product Detail

Product Detail

Aqua Green Plus

Aqua Green Plus is an extenden life antifreeze coolant manufactured using hybrid technology & with advanced formulation by using glycols, additives deformers & water as their main    ingredients. Using Aqua Green plus will provide protection to aluminium, cast iron & other metal & rubbe components.

Advantages Using Aqua Green Plus :

Reduces maintenance cost.
Superior heat absorption capability with excellent cooling.
Absolute life with fusion expertise.

How to Use Aqua Green Plus :
Drain & flush cooling system with water & cleaner for desirable performance.
Fill the radiator with 1/3 Aqua Green Plus & 2/3 with soft clean water.
Periodically check expansion bottle depletion & top up with Aqua Gree Plus whenever required.

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Typical Properties

Sr. No. Test Parameter ASTM Method Unit Results
1 Ph Value D - 1287 MI 9.865
2 Ph Value (1:9)    D - 1287 MI 9.538
3 Reserve Alkalinity   D - 1121 MI 11.0
4 Foaming Property D - 1881 MI NIL
5 Density @ 29.50C D - 1122 Gm/Cm3 1.054
6 Freezing Point D - 1177 *C Max (0 Part Water)-15
(1 Part Water)-5
7 Boiling Point D - 1120 *C Min 103


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